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If you have been to a Family Constellations event, you have experienced the power of

this method.  As a long-time psychotherapist and partner in The Constellations Group,

I am offering ongoing groups that use Constellations as the major vehicle for change.


Most therapy groups are “just talking” and most Constellations Workshiops are for one day only.  By combining the two methods, the benefits of each are greatly enhanced.

I have been leading an ongoing group like this for nearly 2 years and it has been a

valuable experience for all.  I ask people for a 10-week commitment if they want to

join the current group or another group of a similar nature.  People who join are invited to define goals, specific & general, which wil be supported by the  group as a whole.


As an experienced group theapist I know that it can take a long time for group members

to bond in a way that is truly helpful.  People who attend one-day Constellations Workshops tend to bond quickly as they literally become representatives in each others’ families or work lives. By combining the two, participants achieve goals more quickly and cement these goals over time. 


There are no limits to the kinds of issues participants may wish to work on.  We deal with current concerns  as well as issues that have lingered over time.  We use

 Constellations of differnt types:  ie 1) currrent family concerns   2) intergenerational

trauma  3) couples/ relationships  4) decision-making  5) obstacles to reaching goals

6)  business/work problems  7) illness/symptoms  8)  internal conflicts/parts of self, etc.


The ideal size of such a group is 7or 8 people who agree to attend weekly for up to

2 hours.  The fee is low compared to most group therapy in Metro-DC.  If you are

interested and / or have questions, please call me at 301/899-4841.  Or email me at  If I don’t respond within 48 hours, please try again as it may

go to spam.  I offer free introductory individual meetings for people who are interested in order to learn more about them and to explain how the group works.


Included in this website are TESTIMONIALS from people who have attended the

currrent therapy / support group.


Location:    My office: 4405 East-West Hwy, Ofc #303, Bethesda, MD 20814

Times:  Currently Monday evenings  —  other times in future

Fee:  $100 per group session — insurance reimbursable / payment plans available

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